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Terms of Service

  1. The use of this service means your acceptance of these the Terms of Service ( hereinafter the «ToS» ). If you do not agree with the ToS you should not use this service.
  2. The ToS are valid from the date of publication. The ToS may be changed without any notice.
  3. Service is provided «as is» without warranty of any kind.
  4. Publication of images is carried by the users on their own initiative. Service is not responsible for the accuracy and reliability of the information represented by the user, as well as for compliance with the uploaded images copyright, but warns users about the need to respect and abide it.
  5. Strictly prohibited placement of materials containing scenes of violence, anti-state, racial or national intolerance, violate privacy and other materials that contradict the Constitution and the laws of Russian Federation.

Thanks to Varelka for translation